Paddy Dehusker Rubber Roller

Size: 10” x10” Aluminium drum with 4 holes
Outer Diameter : 254 +/- 1mm
Height of Roller 254 mm
Outer Diameter of Drum : 209mm
Inner Diameter of Drum : 199mm
Process minimum...

NR Rubber Tubing

Size: 5x4mm

Come in Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Grey, White etc as per customer request.

Surf Fins-800

Stiff blade offers quicker acceleration and take-offs.

Designated with soft pocket for greater comfort and flexibility.

Size: X/Small, Small, Medium, M/Large, X/Large.

Rubber Tubing 4 X 7 EPDM

Available in coil of 10metre length.

Size: 7mm OD x 4mm ID.

Usage: Tube for windscreen washer system.

Rubber Tourniquet

Work as a grip. Use during blood pressure test. Easy to use during as both end glued with Velcro strap.

Come in size S, M and L.

Rubber Tensioner

Come in few size and shape.

Work as tensioner for lorry cover (Canvas type).

Rubber Sealing

As a tip for valve disc in valve system

Material: EPDM, NBR as per customer request.

Size as per customer requirement.

Rubber Manchette

Work as rubber joint for sewage system

Come in various size and shape as per customer requirement.