Rubber Port Fender

Come in few type and size depend to customer requirement.

Most popular Super Cone Fenders, Cylindrical Fenders, Pneumatic Fenders etc.

Selected of types size of Fender depending to Port System...

Rubber Duck

Carburettor Duck for Motorcycle Modenas.

Rubber Disc & Closure

For medication bottle. Various size and shape as per customer’s requirement.

Rubber Cushion

Work as cushion in partition wall installation.

Various thickness shape available on customer request.

Size: 50x50x2mm


Rubber Ball

Works as valve pairing with Diaphragm in pneumatic pump system, various size and shape depending to pump design.

Pinch Valve

Pinch Valve is ideally used for shut-off or flow control application when operation involve with abrasive or corrosive slurries, powder or granular substances.
Only rubber sleeve contact with the...

Pillar Isolator

To be install to the wall corner or pillar as a protector from damage when hit by Forklift or Car.


Work as a seal for 200 litre drum Flange and Plug. Supply in pair for 3/4 inch and 2 inch diameter.


LPG Gasket

Work as a seal in house gas cylinder head. Using NBR rubber and can be supply for 20 & 22mm cylinder head.

Various colour available. Colour choice up to customer.