Rubber Groomet

Work as wire harness in automotive wiring system

Come in various shape and size depending to car maker design.

Gas Tubing

Used for lab bunsen gas.


Lightweight and puncture-resistant rubber Frisbee for pet dog – ideal for training your pet for disc dog competitions, work outs, or simply for bonding over fun at the park / at home.
Dimension: 7”...

Exhaust Hanger

Come in various shape and size depending to car maker design. Service up to 3 kilograms load per unit.

Tangga DF-300

Designed with full-foot pocket fins for swimming, snorkelling & skin diving.
Ideal for all-weather durability.
Soft and comfortable foot pockets for protection.
Stiff blade ensures...

Rubber Diaphgram

Work as Diaphragm pairing with rubber ball in pneumatic pump system.

Various size and shape depending to pump design.



Universal Fender that can be install at loading bay, wall, behind the lorry or container, also work as tyre stopper at parking lot.

Size: 85mm w x 90mm H x 500mm L

Ci Tubing

Special design formulation of Rubber tubing to be used as Liquid dispenser in bottling system.

Cut into several size length that suitable for 2oz, 4oz, 6oz and 7oz bottle.

Bridge Joint

Neoprene sealing Expansion Joints in Bridge Joint Construction. 
Easy Installation and maintenance free. Temperature stand up to 150⁰C. 
Resistance to motor oil, lubricant and road bitumen and...